Friday, January 30, 2015

3-B Climb Challenge(Bloomfield,Beaufort, Bahile)

Before leaving Palawan a month ago, Pinoy Mountaineer himself, Dr. Gideon Lasco challenged us to climb 3 mountains in one month. Before we start with the first mountain, we already climbed up Mt. Magarwak, an easy hike and a good training ground before hiking up higher mountains.With me are my schoolmates, now my newly proclaimed hiking buddies, Jasper Arcinas, Julius De Vera and Brad Baguyo, all students from Palawan State University. This was not an easy challenge for us, all of us are new to hiking except for Julius who already climbed up 2 mountains.

1st Mountain: Mt. Bloomfield

Eagles Ridge, Mt. Bloomfield
To start, we decided to climb Mt. Bloomfield located in Sitio Sabang, Puerto Princesa City. You will be entering rocky forests and will go through steep slippery trails to reach eagle’s ridge, a part of the mountain where you can see the captivating view of sabang beach. This is the mountains perfect spot to take great photos. You will have to climb for another 20-30 minutes to reach the summit.

2nd Mountain: Mt. Beaufort

Mt. Beaufort Summit with Puerto Princesa City as the background
Mount Beaufort, a mountain standing at the heart of Palawan.  The 1143 Meters above Sea Level Mountain is just one multicab ride away from City Proper. The summit is a perfect spot to see the entire city of Puerto Princesa.

3rd Mountain: Mt. Bahile

View atop Mt. Bahile
The hike was very challenging because thorny rattan and wild pandan plants are everywhere. You  should also beware of wasps, their bites aren't deadly but leaves marks. 
Bahile ends our 3-mountain challenge and is a good hike to start the year! But our hikes doesn't end here, yes, we are just getting started!