Saturday, September 05, 2015

PhotoBlog: Manlipien Beach, Sabang's hidden gem

Just because I haven't tried riding a speed boat before, I joined my friends who are on a one way ride going to a remote part of Sitio Sabang. And the consequence? I need to go back to sabang wharf all by myself just by walking.

speedboat ride

The walk going back was terrifying,  I did a hike over a hill. No one was there aside from me and few monkeys strolling. I need to go back to sabang wharf before sunset, or i will be walking in the dark.
and while on my way. I saw these fascinating views.

Fine sand and very calm ocean.

Manlipien Beach Sunset

Crossing a bridge going back to sabang wharf

It was a really nice experience. The calm waters and the gourgeous sunset was perfect.
Very nice place for camping.