Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Booking the Cheapest AirAsia Flights

Credits to Master Chef

I wrote this post to share with you my personal experiences in booking the cheapest AirAsia flights. Last July, I was surfing Facebook when I saw an ad saying that AirAsia will be having a promo the next day. Seats are on sale, you can get a round-trip domestic flight for as low as P230.00 ($4.50). On that day, I also booked roundtrip international flights (Manila-Kuala Lumpur-Manila) for only P1,200.00 ($25), 5 times cheaper than booking it on its regular price. With the proliferation of budget airlines and low-cost carriers, travelling is no luxury nowadays.

Here are few points to remember when booking an AirAsia flight during seat sales.

Research in advance
Just before the seat sale, prepare pen and paper. AirAsia includes travel period on their ads so you know what dates are available for booking. If you are going overseas with no direct flights, it’s better to book your flights individually over a connecting flight, be informed about their weekly schedules, knowing it in advance will help you a lot in matching flights. Just have presence of mind and don’t be too excited. You don’t want to waste money for wrong flight bookings. Take note that most of the seat sales are non-refundable.

Sign-up for Big Shot Program
AirAsia let its members sign-up for free in their Big Shot Program. One perk of being a member is that they open a separate booking system for its members to book flights 24 hours in advance. Big shot members are also notified thru email when AirAsia will be having a seat sale. They posts ads in their social media accounts, so make sure to follow them at least on their Facebook page.
On your mobiles devices, click the "see first" icon under the "follow" button
so you can see all of AirAsia's posts and announcements.
Open multiple browsers
Every time there is a seat sale, I open Mozilla and Goggle Chrome. AirAsia holds its customers in their waiting room when there’s a lot of website traffic, so having more browsers means more chances of getting the best prices for few-slot flights.

Booking a Flight
Log in your Big Shot account and click the “Book Now” button on the promo banner. It will redirect you to the Priority page where only Big Shot members can access.
Important: while on the booking process. Remove unnecessary add-ons like pre-selected seats and checked baggage allowance (unless you are travelling with checked baggage). You can also remove travel insurance if you already have one. Seats, travel insurance, meals and pre-booked baggage can be added even a day before your departure date.
Disclaimer: This is a Visual Represenatation
UPDATE: AS OF 6/12/16
You can now book directly on the booking platform on the left side after logging in your account!

Cheapest Payment Option
Paying your transaction using with G-Cash through Dragon Pay over a credit card will save you a lot of money. The last time I booked a roundtrip domestic flight for nine people, I only paid P5.00 ($0.8) for the whole transaction. Using credit card may cost you an additional P140+ per roundtrip flight.
Important: You only have two hours to pay using Dragon Pay. So it is better to sign-up for Globe G-Cash and Big Shot Program in advance.

So there it is, let us all enjoy the perks of budget travelling.If you also have personal experiences you can add to this post, or questions, please feel free to send me a message.  

Discretion: I am not affiliated with AirAsia or any travel agencies. Information written above is based on my experiences booking flights with AirAsia in the past year. 

Sunday, April 17, 2016

PhotoBlog: Waves worth Waiting

The voice of the sea speaks to the soul.
The touch of the sea is sensous, enfolding the body
in its soft, close embrace.
-Kate Chopin

Nacpan Beach, El Nido, Philippines

February 8, 2016